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Great Lent

" Let us begin the Lenten time with delight...Let us fast from passions as we fast from foods, taking pleasure in the good words of the Spirit, that we may be granted to see the Passion of Christ our God and His holy Pascha, rejoicing spiritually. Thy grace has arisen upon us, O Lord, the illumination of our souls has shown forth; Behold, now is the acceptable time, behold, now is the time of repentence"

Great Lent begins after Vespers on Sunday 10th March. Pascha is on 28th April. 

Look at the websites of your ROCOR parishes for news of Lenten services

The Holy Kursk Root Icon to visit our Diocese

The Holy Kursk Root Icon is visiting our Diocese from Tuesday 26th March until Sunday 21st April. Please see the  detailed schedule  in the news section of the website. The outline of the schedule is as follows:

Tuesday 26th March  the Icon arrives in London from New York and stays in London until Tuesday 2nd April. For the 3rd Sunday of Great Lent, Veneration of the Cross it will be in the London Cathedral.

Tuesday 2nd April until Tuesday 9th April the Icon will be in Colchester and area. For the 4th Sunday of Great Lent, The Feast of the Annunciation it will be in Colchester.

Tuesday 9th April until Thursday 11th April the Icon will be in Norwich and area. For the Wednesday evening it will be in Norwich.

Thursday 11th April until Friday evening of 12th April the Icon will be in Mettingham and area. For the Thursday of the Great Canon and Friday evening it will be in Mettingham.

Saturday 13th April the Icon will be at the Unction Service in London.

Sunday 14th April until Wednesday evening of 17th April the Icon will be in Wallasey and area. For the Sunday of St Mary of Egypt it will be in Wallasey

Thursday 18th April until Saturday 20th April the Icon will be in Cardiff and area. For Lazarus Saturday it will be in Cardiff

Saturday 20th April the Icon will fly to Dublin. For Palm Sunday it will be in Dublin.

Sunday 21st April the Icon will be in Dublin and will fly to New York on Sunday evening. 

For further details please contact the Diocesan Chancellor text 07926194031 or frpaulelliott@aol.com

News and Announcements
  • The next Liturgy in Ashford is on 16th March
    The next Liturgy at the Community of the Holy Royal Martyrs in Ashford is to be held on Saturday 16t
  • The Holy Kursk Root Icon is visiting our Diocese
    The Holy Kursk Root Icon is visiting the Diocese from Tuesday 26th March until Sunday 21st April
  • Unction Service on Saturday 13th April
    This year the Unction Service will be served by His Grace, Bishop Alexander of Vevey at 1:00 p.m. on
  • Bishop Irenei Makes First Pastoral Visit to Sanremo Parish
    The first hierarchical visitation since the parish's return to the ROCOR European Diocese.
  • Diocesan Pilgrimage on 11th May
    The Diocesan Pilgrimage to St Albans is on Saturday May 11th. It will be led by His Grace, Bishop Ir
  • 2019 Pilgrimage to the Holy Land is announced
    There will be an annual pigrimage to the Holy Land led by His Eminence Archbishop Mark from 27th May
  • Searchlight Magazine
    The latest edition of Searchlight Magazine is now available to download Searchlight 9
  • Bishop Irenei Makes First Archpastoral Visit to Florence Parish
    The historic Florence parish celebrates its first hierarchical service as a parish of the Western Eu
  • Archpriest Yaroslav arrives in London
    Archpriest Yaroslav Gudymenko has moved to London from Ukraine in order to serve in the Diocesan Cat
  • Bishop Irenei to visit in April and May
    His Grace Bishop Irenei will be in the Diocese from 24th April to just after Sunday 12th May, 2019.
Bishop Irenei's January-February Archpastoral Visitation

His Grace Bishop Irenei, whilst awaiting the practical arrangements for a permanent move to the territory of the Diocese, will continue to make archpastoral visitations to the Diocese as he has before. His Grace's next visit is scheduled for January-February 2019, visiting London, Geneva, Vevey, and participating in a meeting of Hierarchs in Moscow.

Details on Bishop Irenei's January-February visit are available here.

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