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Veneration of the Saints of Russia

In addition to our deep devotion to the Saints of the British Isles, our Diocese also bears the strongest veneration for the Saints of Russia, who are our direct forebears in the Faith.

In due course, the present section of the web site will be used to provide information on some of the principal saints of our Russian Orthodox heritage, as well as also information on some of the additional saints of universal Orthodox veneration.

St Barlaam of Khutyn
St Barlaam of Khutyn
St Barlaam of Khutyn
St Barlaam of Khutyn (6 / 19 November)

St Barlaam of Khutyn (Варлаам Хутынский) lived in the twelfth century, the son of a wealthy family of Novgorod.  He withdrew from the world when his parents died. He was tonsured at the Lisich Monastery and then settled alone on a  hill below Volkhov called Khutyn, near Novgorod. He lived a very holy life..

St Barlaam taught the local people, “My children, beware of all unrighteousness, and do not give in to envy or slander. Refrain from anger, and do not practice usury. Beware of unjust judgment. Do not swear an oath falsely, but rather fulfill it. Do not indulge the bodily appetites. Always be meek and bear all things with love. This virtue is the beginning and root of all good.”  He died on 6th November 1192, His grave  became a site of pilgrimage and the Monastery of the Tranfiguration was built on the site.

St Barlaam of Khutyn performed a great miracle in Moscow in 1521 during a raid on the city by the Tartars of Crimea and Kazan who were looting villages and monasteries nearby, Prince Vasily III left to get reinforcements. As he left, a blind nun in the Ascension Convent in the Kremlin had a vision that  all the Saints and Wonderworkers of Muscovy, led by the Lord Himself and the Mother of God, were preparing to leave the city as a punishment for the sins of Moscow. The Saints took with them the precious Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God. Only after the intercession of St Sergius of Radonezh and St Barlaam of Khutyn did they return to the city. The relics of  St Barlaam  are kept in the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Lord in Khutyn  near Novgorod.

In Slavonic practice, St Barlaam is commemorated during the Proskomedia along with the venerable and God-bearing Fathers who shone forth in asceticism (sixth particle). 

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