The Consecration Service - 09/21/18

The Service of the Consecration of our Cathedral was served by His Eminence Archbishop Mark, His Eminence Archbishop Gabriel, His Grace Bishop Nicholas, His Grace Bishop Irenei and His Grace Bishop Matthew. Assisting the Bishops were Fr Serafim Gan, Fr Vitaly Serapinas, Fr Dmitri Neduspenko and Fr Paul Elliott. The Serving Deacons were Archdeacon Peter from San Francisco and Fr Mark from Mettingham. Subdeacons Nicolas, Antony, Alexander, Pavel, Silouan and Gregor assisted with the Readers Nicholas, Olexey, Philip, Andrei, George, Illya,Sergei and a host of servers from across the Diocese as well as visitors.

The service itself began in the main part of the church with the vesting of Archbishop Mark. He was then joined by his fellow celebrant hierarchs and the four priests. The Clergy all entered the altar and the service begins with the blessing of the base of the Holy Table. Hot mastic is poured into the four holes at the top of each column and allowed to dry a little. The top of the Holy Table is then blessed and placed on top. Four nails are then driven into the Holy Table by rocks held in the hands of the Bishops and priests. More hot mastic is poured into the holes, dried by the priests blowing on each hole and then flattened with knives. Once the Holy Table is complete it is washed with holy water, hot wine and rosewater. It is then dried by the serving clergy with cloths and sponges. Antimins are then blessed and the Holy Table anointed with  crosses using Chrism. The cloth of unbleached linen is then blessed and tied round with rope in a complicated way. Once it is finished the Holy Table coverings are blessed and placed on the newly consecrated Holy Table and a single candle is placed on the top. The procession of the relics then follows.

The photos below are blessed by Vladika Irenei and provided by Mark Fisher from our parish in Cardiff.