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Planning Pilgrimages

Pilgrimage has always been an important part of the Orthodox life. We take pilgrimages to holy sites, to walk in places sanctified by the Lord, His mother, and His saints — to receive the grace and blessing of such sanctified places, and to be encouraged in our own lives of ascesis by which God is calling us to that same sanctification and holiness.

Our Diocese is committed fostering pilgrimage as an active part of every Orthodox Christian's life — not only pilgrimages to holy places afar off (such the Holy Land, Russia, Greece, etc.), but also encouring a much more active life of pilgrimage to the richness of sacred sites here in the British Isles, made holy through the ascetical and spiritual endeavours of a long litany of beloved (and sometimes not-well-known) British Saints.

The Diocese organises a number of pilgrimages annually, but each parish is encouraged to organise its own pilgrimage activities as a matter of course, with the blessing of the Diocesan Hierarchy. When doing so, use the Contact Page to inform the Chancellor of the event, so that it can be advertised here on the Diocesan web site and its Facebook page, so that a wider pool of faithful can take part. The Diocese is also pleased to help parishes with some of the practicalities of organising pilgrimages.


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