Ordination and Clerical Service

The Divine Worship of Orthodoxy is led by her ordained Hierarchy, which in its 'major orders' includes Bishops, Priests and Deacons, but also importantly includes the ordained ranks of Subdeacons and Readers, as well as the unordained (but clercially blessed) roles of Altar servers.

Service in the Holy Altar is ultimately a divine calling, discerned by the Church which calls individual men to serve in specific roles as God appoints them. However, there is also a legitimate desire that may arise in the heart, to serve God in a clerical role within his Church, and this is always a matter to be raised with one's spiritual father / parish priest in the first instance, and ultimately with the Bishop.

In our Diocese we seek to foster the liturgical life of our parishes by encouraging young men to consider the divine obedience and service of ordination as Readers and Subdeacons, and for those who feel a desire to discuss service as a Deacon or Priest to speak with the clergy about the formation required for this. We live in an extraordinarily rich field of mission and pastoral work, and the Church requires laborers for her holy task!

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