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Archive of Old News and Announcements

The gallery on the front page of our website displays the ten most recently added news items, announcements, and other items of interest that continually occur in the life of the Diocese. This area consolidates not only the current, but also all past entries in the 'News and Annoucements' category, for future reference to older items. Items are listed in reverse-date order, with the most recent items appearing first. Scroll down for older items.

Theophany Services across the Diocese
15/01/2018 | News and Activities
There will be Theophany services across the Diocese during Vladika Irenei's visit to the UK.   Theophany services ...
Liturgical Training Workshop, 27th January
14/01/2018 | News and Activities
Saturday 27th January 2018 will be a liturgical training day, open to all servers and clerics. ...
Spiritual talks with Bp Irenei in London Throughout January-February
11/01/2018 | News and Activities
Throughout January and early February, Bishop Irenei will lead a series of spiritual talks at the Diocesan Cathedral. ...
Pilgrimage to Shrine of St Werburgh, 22nd January
11/01/2018 | News and Activities
Bishop Irenei and Archpriest Paul will lead a small pilgrimage to the shrine of St Werburgh in Chester. ...
Q-and-A on the nature of mission and Russian Orthodoxy in Wales, 20th January in Cardiff
11/01/2018 | News and Activities
Following the Hierarchical Liturgy in Cardiff, Bishop Irenei will lead a Question-and-Answer session on mission and Russ ...
Blessing of the Thames and the Mersey
08/01/2018 | News and Activities
Both rivers will be blessed during Theophany Services this year ...
Spiritual Talk on the Jesus Prayer in Wallasey, 23rd January 2018
08/01/2018 | News and Activities
A spiritual discussion on the Jesus Prayer will take place in St Elizabeth Parish, Wallasey, led by Bishop Irenei. ...
Nativity Epistle of Bishop Irenei
06/01/2018 | News and Activities
Christ is born! Glorify Him! Nativity epistle from Bishop Irenei, in Russian and English. ...
Nativity Epistle of Metropolitan Hilarion
04/01/2018 | News and Activities
Epistle for the Nativity of Christ from the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. ...
Schedule for Nativity services in Diocesan parishes, 2017
03/01/2018 | News and Activities
Find details for the Divine Services of the Nativity of Christ at Diocesan parishes throughout Great Britain and Ireland ...
Divine Liturgy in Cheltenham on 13th January 2018
01/01/2018 | News and Activities
The next Liturgy at the Parish of St Vladimir in Cheltenham will be on Saturday 13th January and on Sunday 18th February ...
Congratulations with the civil New Year
01/01/2018 | News and Activities
The clergy of the Diocese of Great Britain and Ireland wish all their flocks, and all the faithful of these islands, a b ...
The 55th Anniversary of the Diocese of Sourozh
18/12/2017 | News and Activities
The Moscow Patriarchal Diocese of Sourozh recently turned 55 years old, and our Diocese congratulated them with the occa ...
Concert in Aid of the Fund for Assistance in Wallasey
08/12/2017 | News and Activities
A concert at the parish in Wallasey raised funds for the Fund For Assistance and featured parishioner musicians. ...
The Nativity Fast
28/11/2017 | News and Activities
The Nativity Fast provides us with opportunities to open our heart to the coming of Christ. ...
Archdeacon Amvrosiy (Taratuchin) reposes in the Lord
26/11/2017 | News and Activities
Bishop Irenei has issued a statement on the repose of Schema-Archdeacon Amvrosiy, formerly of our Diocesan Cathedral par ...
More regular Divine Services in Stradbally
21/11/2017 | News and Activities
The regularity of Divine Services in Stradbally is increasing, under Fr Sergei's direction. ...
Visit of the Icon of the Placing of the Robe and Belt of the Theotokos
02/10/2017 | News and Activities
In October 2017, this relic-bearing icon will visit the Diocese. ...
Statement from the Chancellor on the Appointment of Bishop Irenei as Diocesan Administrator
17/06/2017 | News and Activities
His Grace Bishop Irinei of Sacramento has been appointed the Administrator of the British Diocese. Governance of our dio ...
Metropolitan Hilarion visits St Elizabeths and ordains new priest
22/01/2017 | News and Activities
On an Archpastoral visit to the North, Metropolitan Hilarions ordains Hieromonk Mark as priest and congratulates the Wal ...
Visit of Archbishop Mark, 15-17 April 2016
17/04/2016 | News and Activities
Archbishop Mark visited London and engaged in a variety of Diocesan business. ...
Holy Synod issues appeal for Holy Land Mission
13/04/2016 | News and Activities
The collections of the Sunday of the Lord's Entry into Jerusalem are dedicated to the support of the Russian Ecclesiatic ...
Priest Elias reposes in the Lord
26/03/2016 | News and Activities
Father Elias Jones reposed in the Lord in the early hours of the 26/27th March (NS) 2016, the Second Sunday of Great Len ...
25th Anniversary of Archbishop Mark's Episcopate marked in London
29/02/2016 | News and Activities
Archbishop Mark was presented with a beautiful new set of heirarchal vestments by the London Cathedral Parish to mark hi ...
Bishop Constantine's Grave Blessed in Jordanville
15/12/2015 | News and Activities
New headstone for Bishop Constantine, former head of our Diocese. ...
Subdeacon Nicolas gives talk to the Fellowship of St Alban & St Sergius
29/10/2015 | News and Activities
A special talk by the Diocese's senior subdeacon on My Life in Christ, the spiritual diary of Saint John of Kronstadt (1 ...
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