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Holy Synod issues appeal for Holy Land Mission

Parishes are reminded that traditionally the collections of the Sunday of the Lord's Entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) are, thorughout the whole of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, dedicated to the support of the Russian Ecclesiatical Mission in the Holy Land. We encourage all our faithful to continue this important, ancient tradition, and to give generously to this worthy cause.

In conjunction with this annual appeal, the Holy Synod of Bishops has issued the following appeal (Russian is the original, with a paraphrased Enlish translation):

Напоминанiе изъ канцелярiи Архiерейскаго Синода

Въ связи съ приближающимся великимъ праздникомъ Входа Господня во Iерусалимъ, напоминается правящимъ архiереямъ епархiй Русской Зарубежной Церкви о необходимости, слѣдуя дореволюцiонной традицiи, проводить тарелочные сборы на нужды Русской Духовной Миссiи въ Iерусалимѣ во всѣхъ храмахъ и монастыряхъ нашей Церкви, какъ за Всенощнымъ бдѣнiемъ, такъ и за Божественной литургiей въ этотъ праздничный день, предваривъ ихъ соотѣтствующимъ словомъ о подвигѣ, который несутъ члены Миссiи въ весьма сложныхъ условiяхъ, охраняя и оберегая святыни, оказывая гостепрiимство многочисленнымъ паломникамъ и представляя нашу Святую Церковь на Святой Землѣ.

Statement of the Chancellery of the Synod of Bishops

In connection with the upcoming Great Feast of ″The Lord's Entrance into Jerusalem″, The Synod of Bishops reminds the faithful of Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia about the need to undertake collections to meet the spiritual needs of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem. In all our churches we hear the words of the Church in the Divine Liturgy, and on this festive day, we anticipate the revelation of glory. So our efforts to support the members of the Mission in their very important spiritual work of guarding and protecting the shrines, providing shelter and spiritual support for pilgrims, introducing them to our Holy Church in the Holy Land, is of great importance. Please give generously.



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