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At the heart of the Orthodox life is prayer and worship. Man was created by God in order to partake in the divine glory of the Holy Trinity, and through the life of prayer our created nature is transfigured into that glory, that we might behold with our own eyes the splendour of the living God.

Orthodoxy is characterised by our rich liturgical tradition, in which man is enabled on earth to emulate the eternal worship of the heavenly realms. The unique style, or form, of Orthodox worship is itself a divine revelation — granted to humankind through God's mercy, by which we are able to join the angelic ranks and all the saints in the endless praise of our Creator. Our liturgical tradition is therefore 'grounded' not in earth but in heaven, and what at first might seem elaborate ritual fast opens the heart to God's presence, and draws us out of time into the eternal worship of God Himself.

An essential mission of our Church, and our Diocese, is the formation of every faithful person in the Orthodox life of worship and prayer. While this is fundamentally a pastoral mission, which takes place in the parishes in the hands of the clergy and fellow brothers and sisters of the Church, we nevertheless provide these resources on our web site, to aid in the deepening understanding of our liturgical and prayer life.

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