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Liturgics & Serving

The liturgical heritage of the Church Abroad

While Orthodoxy maintains an unchanging doctrine and timeless Liturgy, within the broader Orthodox world there is a variety of liturgical practice that relates to some of the 'finer points' of the Divine Liturgy we all share, as well as other liturgical customs more broadly. This area is principally intended for clergy, as well as those who serve in any capacity in the Holy Altar — though its contents may be of interest to others as well, as a means of deepening your understanding of the liturgical life of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

Preserving our unique customs

Within our Diocesan life, we are deeply committed to maintaining the distinctive liturgical customs of our forefathers in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. While in the majority of ways these are common with the whole of the Russian and even broader Slavic Orthodox worlds, there is a distinctive 'flavour' to the liturgical life of the ROCOR that comes from our diligent adherence to the traditions of our forebears. These are in most ways pre-revolutionary, Imperial forms of the Divine Service, some of which are no longer in use elsewhere. Some of these are well known (for example, that in the ROCOR we continue the Imperial tradition of using white as the colour of Holy Pascha, and therefore vestments during Paschaltide are white, while in the Moscow Patriarchate the colour for this season is red); but other, finer points of liturgical practice are less well known.

We provide this area as a resource for maintaining and strengthening our ROCOR liturgical traditions, providing answers to the most commonly-asked questions about our liturgical life — as well as the means for you to submit questions for answers from the Hierarchy.

Resources in this section:

On Serving in the Holy Altar - A reflection on the spiritual nature of service in the Holy Altar.

Liturgical Questions and Answers - Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Orthodox liturgical life, with a special focus on maintaining our traditional ROCOR practices.

Ask a Liturgical Question - Post a liturgical question for a response from the Diocesan Hierarchy and clergy

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