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The Pan Orthodox Episcopal Assembly of Great Britain and Ireland

Since 2009, and with the agreement of the heads of the Fourteen Local Orthodox Churches throughout the world, the various regions of the Orthodox Diaspora have been organised into regional 'Episcopal Assemblies', providing opportunities for all the Hierarchs of the canonical Orthodox Churches in a given area to meet together to discuss matters of pastoral importance to all Orthodox Christians in the region, and to bear witness to the unity of the Church.

The Hierarchs of our Diocese are full, regular members of the Pan-Orthodox Episcopal Assembly of Great Britain and Ireland, and have been since the initiation of the Assembly. The Assembly normally meets once or twice per year, and generally in London.

Given that both of our Hierarchs serve in multiple geographic territories, they are members of multiple Episcopal Assemblies. His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion is also a member of the Assemblies of the USA and of Australia-New Zealand; while His Grace Bishop Irenei is also a member, and officer of the Secretariat, of the Assembly of the USA.

More details about the Pan-Orthodox Episcopal Assembly of Great Britain and Ireland and its activities can be found on its website.

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