Full Itinerary of the Visit of His Eminence, Metropolitan Hilarion 13-20th March 2017 to the Diocese of Great Britain and Ireland (ROCOR)

Monday 13th March:  Vladika Hilarion, Protodeacon Denis and Kursk Root Icon arrive London Heathrow: 11:00. Fr Peter and Fr Paul to meet them. Cathedral to arrange transport. Others are welcome to join them. Take Bishop’s walking stick. Vladika and icon etc to return to Cathedral for lunch. Afternoon at London Cathedral. Service in Cathedral in evening for veneration of the Icon. Supper. Sleep at Harvard Road.

Tuesday 14th  March: Vladika, Fr Paul, Protodeacon Denis and icon to be driven probably by Reader Andrei Borisas to Cheltenham via lunch time service and veneration at St Nicholas Parish (Moscow Patriarchate) in Oxford. Lunch with Fr Stephen Platt and parishioners. Possible visit to St Frideswide’s Well, Oxford. Then onto an open house in Cheltenham with the Icon in Philip Hick’s office boardroom in the Town Centre (GL50 1UX). Local Orthodox Parishes invited including Cardiff, Bristol and Greek Parish. Sleep at Philip and Lora’s house in Cheltenham.

Wednesday 15th  March: Vladika and party to visit St John Chrysostom’s, Bentham then drive to arrive at London Heathrow, Terminal 2 by 14:00.  Hand icon to Fr John. Flight to Belfast 15:10. Visit of the Icon to Belfast for a service in the Parish of St John of Shanghai, Antrim Road, Belfast (BT15 2AN). Vladika and party return to Harvard Road by 16:30 at the latest…tea...approx 17:00 Service in the Cathedral, supper and rest. Sleep at Harvard Road.

Thursday 16th  March: Meeting with Archbishop Gregorios 10:00, Vladika, Fr Peter ad Fr Paul. Then lunch and visit.  Fr Paul takes tube to meet Fr John with the icon at London Heathrow, Terminal 2 at 14:30 and take taxi to Harvard Road. Icon returns to the Cathedral. Vladika and Fr Peter return to Harvard Road. Tea approx. 17:00. Cathedral Trustees and Pre Council Meeting in the evening over working supper. Sleep at Harvard Road.

Friday 17th  March: Presanctified Liturgy, Cathedral 09:00 with the icon. Concelebrated with Cathedral Clergy, Fr Paul and Fr John and possibly Fr Mark. Meeting with Fr Mark. Fr Andrew to come to collect the icon for visit to East Anglia between 13:00 -15:00 depending on traffic. Service in Colchester at 19:00. Metropolitan stays in London. Vigil or service at 18:15 at the Cathedral. Supper after Vigil and sleep at Harvard Road.

Saturday 18th  March: Icon returns from East Anglia for the Hierarchal Liturgy at 07:45. Meeting with Deacon Ioan and Subdeacon Spasimir with Vladika re ordination vows in Harvard Road. Vladika met for the Hierarchal Liturgy at 08:30. Tonsure of Philip Hicks, possible ordination of Reader Sergey Mironenko to Subdeacon, ordination of Deacon Ioan to Priesthood and Subdeacon Spasimir to Deacon followed by Diocesan Assembly. Icon to Diocesan Assembly. Lunch. Icon to the Cathedral for the Great Unction Service 14:00. The Icon to be taken to Enismore Gardens for the Vigil leave approx 16:30 towards the end of the Great Unction Service. Fr Paul to leave after tea approx. 17:00 (if possible) then Hierarchal Vigil in the Cathedral 17:30. Supper after Vigil. Icon to return approx. 22:00. Sleep at Harvard Road.

Sunday 19th  March: Hierarchal Liturgy in the Cathedral 10:00 with the Icon. (Ordination of Reader Sergey if not done the previous day) followed by AGM (2016) of Cathedral Parish over working lunch/ trapeza. Evening visit to home of parishioner.

Monday 20th  March:  Vladika, Protodeacon and Icon return to NYC from London Heathrow. Cathedral to arrange transport.



1.    Vladika will be bringing purple vestments.

2.    Visiting Clergy for the Presanctified Liturgy may have to wear purple or black vestments on Friday 17th March

3.    Visiting Clergy should bring their own stichar and purple vestments for the Hierarchal Liturgy on Saturday 18th March if possible.

4.    Candidates for ordination to bring white vestments for the Hierarchal Liturgy

5.    Visiting Clergy should bring their own purple vestments for the Great Unction if possible.

6.    Parishes receiving visits from the Kursk Root Icon are asked to hold a collection from the faithful to help meet the costs of bringing the icon from NYC. Any money to be given to the Metropolitan at the Diocesan Assembly on the 18th March.

7.    Any further details and contacts frpaulelliott@aol.com or 07926194031