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Vladyka Irenei is to visit the Diocese in Great Lent for the Soborovanie and Palm Sunday

Bishop Irenei's visit for Soborvanie and Palm Sunday

Vladika Irenei will be briefly visiting the Diocese during Great Lent. He will arrive on Thursday 29th March and will depart on Sunday 1st April. He will be entirely based at the Cathedral for this visit..

The outline of his visit is as follows:

Friday 30th March

Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts   09:00             

Moleben for those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction   18:15

Lazarus Saturday   31st March

 Hierarchal Liturgy  09:00

Soborovanie (Unction Service) 12:00          

Vigil of Palm Sunday 17:00

Palm Sunday  1st April

Greeting of the Bishop  08:45

Hierarchal Divine Liturgy of Palm Sunday   09:00

* Please note that this is a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK

Vladika has confirmed that he will be visiting the Diocese again from May 1st to May 19th. An itinerary will be published here once it is confirmed.

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